Welcome to FUNctional Kids Therapy!

Kids love FUN.

Families love to function well.

We make it FUN to FUNction!




FUNctional Kids Therapy serves children and families with special needs in the Orange Park, Florida area. We are a family-centered therapy service and provide direct, consultative and training services.

There is an old saying:

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Here at FUNctional Kids, we do a lot more than just have fun. We also aim to “teach a man to fish.” We do our best to get into the practical matters of everyday living as we teach kids who have special needs how to recover, adapt and function so their development will be the best it can be. We do the same with family members, for if one member of a family hurts, all do. We work with all family members so everyone can recover and adapt to the challenges of a special health care need, and maximize function together as a healthy family. We work in various settings, going where kids and families go, including homes, community, schools and clinics. When we’re included in a family’s natural setting, we can see what they really face. We can thenĀ help them problem-solve to improve the child’s and the family’s experiences.

We’re also committed to keeping families informed on vital resources and information. This website will grow with links to help families find what they need. Please let us know if there’s a special need you’d like help with. If we can find it, we’ll post a link here.

With many years experience working with children and families with special health care needs, we recently branched into training and mentoring for pediatric therapists. We host speakers and workshops to the area (no point in re-inventing the wheel!). We develop new training in subjects/issues where we see a need. If you’re a pediatric therapist (or preparing to be one), we hope you’ll let us know of any courses or subject matter you’d like to have brought to the area. We’ll do the best we can to make it happen! Check our announcements at the bottom of this site for upcoming events.


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